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You will catch more fish with our rabbit hair fishing lures series. We have the best lures for bass on the market! How can we be so confident?

Simple, rabbit hair is just an awesome natural fur that breathes, pulsates and undulates underwater like no other bass lure. This action of the lure triggers maximum slashing predatory agression in fish.

Our largemouth bass lures have awesome scent pads. The night before you plan to go fishing, place your lures in a ziploc bag and apply your favorite scent to the hide side of the hair, tails and claws. The next morning you will have a nuclear powered bass bait that fish can't resist!

Because of the soft natural feel of rabbit hair, fish hold on to our lures longer. This resistance of the fish to release the lures provides more precious time to set the hook.

We have a lure for every season and fishing condition. Fish jigs in early Spring and late Fall. Spinnerbaits and buzzbaits work year-round as do soft plastics

Watch our videos and pay close attention to how the fish react to the jigs after they have been in their mouths. They do not spit them out and, in a couple instances, attack them a second time. You will not get this instinctive reaction from rubber skirts

Unlike mass produced lures from China, all of our weedless jigs, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits are hand made in the USA. It takes a little longer and the cost for us to produce the lures is more, but we think the additional time and cost is well worth the results.

All of our plastics are hand-poured. Hand-poured bass for lures are the choice for some of the best professional fishermen in the business!

Largemouth bass just devour our lures! We have a color and weight for any fisherman. Try our darker color lures for bass - brown, blue/black, brown/orange - in clear water, try our lighter colors - pumpkin, crayfish olive, watermelon - in darker waters.

It doesn't matter where you are fishing anywhere in the world, our lures catch more fish! It's the action of the lure that causes the fish to strike. Compare the action of our lures to that of any other lure. It's obvious which bass lure that most fish will attack!

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