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  • Consequences of not having a fishing license

    Posted on January 11, 2013 by admin

    I created a post earlier this week discussing the overview of how, when and where to obtain a fishing license. I talked a little about the need for a fishing license when you are fishing in a location (particularly a different state) from where you normally fish. Typically, given that we sell bass baits for largemouth bass, my comments were directed toward freshwater fishermen. However, the need for a fishing license certainly holds true for saltwater fishing as well. An article that made its rounds this week makes the point painfully clear. The article recites the story concerning the fishing crew from 2010’s Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament that hooked a massive 883-pound marlin. Not only did the crew hook the massive marlin, they were actually able to boat the beast. With a prize amount approaching one Million dollars - $910,000 to be exact - you can imagine the excitement that the crew felt. However, apparently after the marlin was boated, the crew performed a check-down of the tournament rules on the ride back to the dock. One of the rules - number 9 in the manual - states that there are two specific types of fishing licenses needed - a "special migratory species" permit and everyone aboard who participated in landing any particular fish must have a standard fishing license. First Mate Peter Wann realized that he did not have a valid fishing license. From published reports, apparently Mr. Wann was under the belief that there was a blanket license that covered all aboard. When the crew came to the conclusion that a fishing license was necessary, Mr. Wann used a laptop to purchase the license on the way back to shore. However, the tournament officials realized the timing difference and disqualified the team. That, of course, started a court case that is now before the North Carolina Supreme Court.

    You can see by this story why a fishing license is so important. You may not be in the position to win $1 million, but just knowing you are doing what is right should be its own reward. Plus, in most states, the money is used for conservation purposes, such as studying the life cycle of largemouth bass, the migration patterns of trout and the weight and production of bluefin tuna and marlin.

    Stay tuned to our blog as we weekly talk about the requirements of each obtaining a fishing license in each of the different states. As a precursor, here's a video we had created for determining if a freshwater fishing license is needed in Florida:

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  • We now secure our cart

    Posted on May 13, 2012 by admin

    Like a smart fisherman guarding his prime spot, we now secure our cart with 128 bit SSL Certificate from renowned sercurity company Comodo Security Services. This action was in no way associated with a breach of any data that has been entered on our website.  Rather, this is to ensure any data that is entered as you create an account (physical/mailing address, email address, phone number(s), etc.) is secure from prying eyes.

    Just to be clear, we have never collected any credit card or Paypal information from our clients. All credit card data is collected on the secure servers of Most of you may have already realized, when you have completed your order and are prepared to check out, you are redirected to the servers. The payment page is branded to provide a look and feel of our site, but the data is actually entered on the site. is one of the largest credit card processors in America. Thier servers are more secure than all but a few merchants.


    The Paypal payments are obviously collected and processed by Paypal themselves. This also ensures that all critical credit card data is entered on Paypal's secure servers.

    To sum it up, when you complete your order for your favorite fishing lures on our site, the information you provide to create an account is now sercured. The payment/credit card data you enter is now -and always has been - captured and secured by and Paypal, two of the largest and most secured companies in the world.


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  • What is the best color for Fishing Lures?

    Posted on November 3, 2011 by admin

    The question is inevitable - what is the best color for fishing lures? Well, that depends a lot on 1) what is the water clarity and 2) to a lesser degree, what are the outside conditions. In shallow water with muddy to moderate clarity, it is usually best to stick to colors that illuminate, like chartreuse or firetiger. These colors are more vibrant and easier for the fish to detect. As the water clarity changes to a more tea/light coffee/stained appearance,  it is okay to switch to more of a pumpkin, brown olive and watermelon color. As the water clarity become more clear (midday for instance), you are fine to switch to the darker colors, such as brown and blue/black. This color selection also holds true for outside conditions - the darker the outside (think overcast), the lighter colors will work well. As the conditions brighten (think full sun), it is best to switch to darker colors. Also, in brighter conditions (usually indicates water will be warmer), the fish will become more active and start to chase those fishing lures that imitate the action and color of their natural food. Therefore, a great color for these conditions are crayfish. Based on this generic (and highly subjective) guide, we have grouped the fishing lure colors into three color type: vibrant, light/browns and dark colors. Our ultimate suggestion would be to try and determine the water clarity and pick the proper color. However, even more important, the best advice is to be flexible. If you select vibrant and are not receiving many strikes after sufficient casts, switch to light/brown colors to see if that will entice the fish to strike. As with everything about fishing, there are only suggestions, no surefire "it always works" answer to the color question. The best answer is to always use your experience to determine the best the color that will give you the highest probability of catching that lunker that is lurking and ready to strike.



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  • Win a fishing lure package by liking us on Facebook

    Posted on November 1, 2011 by admin

    We have created a Facebook page for our fishing lures. If you are on Facebook, you can like our page. Once you like our page, you will be entered to win a fishing lure package of three weedless jigs (your color choice), a spinnerbait and a buzzbait. This is a $25 value for just liking us on Facebook! Also, if you've purchased our lures and have caught some fish or have a testimonial, we certainly would love to see the pictures and hear the stories. In fact, if you send us a testimonial and/or pictures, we'll enter you to win the same lure package. So head over to our Facebook page at and let us know what you think!

    Also, as a side note, we also have redesigned our Youtube page. You can see the redesigned page at

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  • The Price is Right?

    Posted on October 8, 2011 by admin

    I recently read an article that explained as the recession continues, most consumers are looking for cheaper products over higher quality -but higher priced- products. Reading the article got me thinking about our fishing lures. Even though we think our lures are an excellent value for a hand-made, unique lure, we could possibly lower the price by using lower quality materials. A good example of that would be to use cheaper china hooks instead of better quality -but more expensive- Mustad hooks.  So the question becomes, for the average fisherman, is price or quality more important? If price is more important, how much would the price have to decrease for you to accept lower quality?

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  • Hooked on Hooks

    Posted on September 9, 2011 by admin

    We are often asked why we use Mustad hooks in our bass fishing lures. As most may know, there certainly are cheaper fishing hooks. However, take it from someone who has had a hook bend (or worse, break), cheaper hooks can be the difference between landing a lunker and watching him splash away. Unbelievable as it is, Mustad hooks have been around since 1832. In fact, Mustad was the first company to use an automatic machine to create their hooks (1877). Mustad has a very rich history with the following story found on their website:

    One day in the late 19th century, a travelling Norwegian salesman,  came wandering through the Amazon rainforest in the hills between  Brazil and Venezuela. It was there that he met with the Yanomami tribe and introduced them to the products of his suitcase: fish hooks. Even to this day the Yanomami word for fishhook is simply “a Mustad”.

    When it comes to trying to land a fat boy lunker, that's not the time to decide if you can get away with an inferior hook. Plus, since we pride ourselves on using the best materials and manufacturing our lures in America, saving a few pennies on a hook just does not seem wise.




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  • Hey, where are my lures??!!

    Posted on July 30, 2011 by admin

    We've had some international customers contact us concerning the delivery status of their bass fishing lures. In all instances, the customer has selected United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class International shipping. If you are an international customer, I think it's important to bare in mind the following:

             •  Any package - but especially First Class - can be held in customs for an extended period of time (I've heard a month or more is possible for First Class packages).  It's uncommon for the parcel to spend more than a week or two, but it is certainly possible.

             •   There is no option with the USPS to provide tracking information for First Class shipping. The reason for this is rather simple, as the USPS simply hands the package to the postal service of the receiving country.

             •   If you need your package as soon as possible, we would suggest USPS International Priority Mail. The difference is price from First Class to Priority is nominal  - but Priority will provide a much quicker delivery time. 

    Having said the above, I think it's important to understand that once the package is shipped, we have no control over the length of time in transit. We typically ship the lures within 3- 5 business days (most times we can ship quicker than this - it all depends on the time of year the order is placed). If any questions, we are always willing to provide a shipping confirmation and customs receipt.

    As an added help, we are making a concerted effort to provide timely updates as to the status of shipping in the users profile. However, there are instances when we have shipped the lures and the profile hasn't been updated. If there's a question, please feel free to contact us as to the status of your package.   

    Furry Fish Baits - USPS Priority Shipping
    We Offer International USPS Shipping of our Bass Fishing Lures



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  • Recommendations for Spinnerbaits

    Posted on March 15, 2011 by admin

    New or novice fishermen often ask about spinnerbaits and what are the proper times to use them.  The common wisdom is to use a spinnerbait during windy or inclement weather. However, as mentioned on our site,  spinnerbaits can actually be fished year- round and in any weather condition.

    The key to a spinnerbait is to make sure the bait stays in the strike zone. To accomplish this, once the bait is cast, the bait should be allowed to sink into the strike zone (depending on the depth of the water) and then retrieved. As the bait "rides" up in the water, stop the retrieval so that the bait can sink back into the strike zone.

    It's also important to periodically check the blades to ensure that they spin freely. If there is a "catch" or the blades do not spin freely, see if you can determine the reason for the catch and fix it.

    Spinnerbaits can be a tremendous weapon in your bass fishing tool box. Remember to retrieve, stop and allow the spinner to sink back into the strike zone, retrieve, etc. Follow these directions and you are sure to catch a lunker!

    Use spinnerbaits to get into the home of the lunker!



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  • Should you use a weight when you wacky rig?

    Posted on March 9, 2011 by admin

    One of the most common questions that we are asked about wacky riggin' one of our trick worms is if a worm weight should be used. The short answer is...maybe.  A weightless rig  certainly drops slower than a weighted rig. Since the trick worm is slower to sink, the bait will potentially stay in the strike zone longer. This weightless rigging produced the world record spotted bass in California. The potential drawback is that due to the limited weight of the rig, casting (especially in higher wind conditions) can be challenging.  This can certainly be cured with using a worm weight. What's the drawbacks of using a weight? First, if the weight is not pegged (held stationary) the weight will slide up and down the line and not be of much help in casting. Also, with a weight, the trick worm will sink quicker and move through the strike zone that much quicker. With a pegged worm (like a screw-in weight), the problem with the weight sliding can be eliminated. However, the problem with the quick sinking can not be fully overcome (unless you use a weight that is not very heavy). In our opinion, the additional distance realized with the weight isn't worth the loss of additional time that the weightless trick worm will give you in the strike zone.

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  • Bassmaster Elite Series visits the home of Furry Fish Baits!

    Posted on March 4, 2011 by admin

    The Power Pole Citrus Slam (part of the Bassmaster Elite Series) will visit the "Bass Capital of the World" (home of Bass Capital Outfitters LLC, makers of Furry Fish Baits) on March 17th-20th.  The BassMaster Elite series is a qualifying event for the Bassmaster Classic. Four-time Bassmaster Classic champion Rick Clunn and three-time champion Kevin VanDam will be fishing the tournament. Also, as is to be expected, our own Terry Scroggins will be fishing the tournament (since he's from here). As is traditional, ESPN will air the tournament. The launch is scheduled from the Palatka city dock at 7:30AM with weigh-in scheduled at 4PM. There was a lot of activity at the city dock when I was there yesterday. Everyone is excited and can't wait to get the tournament going!

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