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Monthly Archives: November 2011

  • What is the best color for Fishing Lures?

    Posted on November 3, 2011 by admin

    The question is inevitable - what is the best color for fishing lures? Well, that depends a lot on 1) what is the water clarity and 2) to a lesser degree, what are the outside conditions. In shallow water with muddy to moderate clarity, it is usually best to stick to colors that illuminate, like chartreuse or firetiger. These colors are more vibrant and easier for the fish to detect. As the water clarity changes to a more tea/light coffee/stained appearance,  it is okay to switch to more of a pumpkin, brown olive and watermelon color. As the water clarity become more clear (midday for instance), you are fine to switch to the darker colors, such as brown and blue/black. This color selection also holds true for outside conditions - the darker the outside (think overcast), the lighter colors will work well. As the conditions brighten (think full sun), it is best to switch to darker colors. Also, in brighter conditions (usually indicates water will be warmer), the fish will become more active and start to chase those fishing lures that imitate the action and color of their natural food. Therefore, a great color for these conditions are crayfish. Based on this generic (and highly subjective) guide, we have grouped the fishing lure colors into three color type: vibrant, light/browns and dark colors. Our ultimate suggestion would be to try and determine the water clarity and pick the proper color. However, even more important, the best advice is to be flexible. If you select vibrant and are not receiving many strikes after sufficient casts, switch to light/brown colors to see if that will entice the fish to strike. As with everything about fishing, there are only suggestions, no surefire "it always works" answer to the color question. The best answer is to always use your experience to determine the best the color that will give you the highest probability of catching that lunker that is lurking and ready to strike.



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  • Win a fishing lure package by liking us on Facebook

    Posted on November 1, 2011 by admin

    We have created a Facebook page for our fishing lures. If you are on Facebook, you can like our page. Once you like our page, you will be entered to win a fishing lure package of three weedless jigs (your color choice), a spinnerbait and a buzzbait. This is a $25 value for just liking us on Facebook! Also, if you've purchased our lures and have caught some fish or have a testimonial, we certainly would love to see the pictures and hear the stories. In fact, if you send us a testimonial and/or pictures, we'll enter you to win the same lure package. So head over to our Facebook page at and let us know what you think!

    Also, as a side note, we also have redesigned our Youtube page. You can see the redesigned page at

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