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Monthly Archives: July 2011

  • Hey, where are my lures??!!

    Posted on July 30, 2011 by admin

    We've had some international customers contact us concerning the delivery status of their bass fishing lures. In all instances, the customer has selected United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class International shipping. If you are an international customer, I think it's important to bare in mind the following:

             •  Any package - but especially First Class - can be held in customs for an extended period of time (I've heard a month or more is possible for First Class packages).  It's uncommon for the parcel to spend more than a week or two, but it is certainly possible.

             •   There is no option with the USPS to provide tracking information for First Class shipping. The reason for this is rather simple, as the USPS simply hands the package to the postal service of the receiving country.

             •   If you need your package as soon as possible, we would suggest USPS International Priority Mail. The difference is price from First Class to Priority is nominal  - but Priority will provide a much quicker delivery time. 

    Having said the above, I think it's important to understand that once the package is shipped, we have no control over the length of time in transit. We typically ship the lures within 3- 5 business days (most times we can ship quicker than this - it all depends on the time of year the order is placed). If any questions, we are always willing to provide a shipping confirmation and customs receipt.

    As an added help, we are making a concerted effort to provide timely updates as to the status of shipping in the users profile. However, there are instances when we have shipped the lures and the profile hasn't been updated. If there's a question, please feel free to contact us as to the status of your package.   

    Furry Fish Baits - USPS Priority Shipping
    We Offer International USPS Shipping of our Bass Fishing Lures



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  • Summer Bass Fishing

    Posted on July 11, 2011 by admin

    As summer is in full swing, the question is often asked "Where is the best place to fish for bass?" The answer to that question depends most on when you are fishing the water body. If it is early in the morning or later in the evening (dusk), it is safe to work the perimeter. This rule especially applies if there are weeds/grass along the bank. This rule applies since most bass retreat to the shallow water (weeds and grass) along the perimeter to find food. Most food source for the bass will be in the shallow water since there is usually cover and most bugs enter from the bank. 

    During the hotter parts of the day, most bass can be found in two spots: 1) Under cover that is closer to the middle of the lake and 2) in the deeper middle of the lake (even without cover). As the water warms, most bass look for the cooler water to wait out the heat of the day. Usually, these bass can be coaxed to hit a spinnerbait or buzzbait. It will take some persistence, but as we all know, persistence pays off!   

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