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Monthly Archives: May 2011

  • Buzzbaits: To Clatter or not to Clatter

    Posted on May 9, 2011 by admin

    Buzzbaits have been very successful in boating some of the best fish in the industry. Anyone who has thrown buzzbaits for any length of time will confirm the efficacy of these wonderful baits. However, any serious discussion about buzzbaits often turns on the question if the buzzbait should clatter or not. For a little perspective, a normal buzzbait will have one blade that makes a soft, swirling sound in the water as the large blade breaks the water. This soft, swirling noise noise attracts the attention of any bass that is in the vicinity. In contrast, a clatter blade on a buzzbait will make such a noise that it HAS to be noticed by a fish. There are two schools of thought on the clatter of the blade: 1) Some say that this clatter attracts -even if it's out of annoyance- the fish to strike. 2) States that the clatter may actually "spook" the fish and prevent it from investigating further. So who is right? I think it depends on the fish and the environment  in which the buzzblade is fished. If the conditions are poor (dark water, overcast, etc.) you may find buzzbaits with a clatter blade to be more effective than if the conditions are clear. However, in a over-fished body of water, a clatter blade may actually do more harm than good. We currently do not use a clatter blade on our Furry Fish Bait line of buzzbaits, but we have investigated the effectiveness of doing so.

    We welcome your thoughts, ideas and comments. Have you had success with clatter baits?

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