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  • Our infographic on how to catch Largemouth Bass

    Posted on March 5, 2013 by admin

    We have developed an infographic on how to increase your chances of catching a lunker largemouth bass. Enjoy!

    largemouth bass, bass baits, lures for bass Infographic on how to catch largemouth bass



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  • Consequences of not having a fishing license

    Posted on January 11, 2013 by admin

    I created a post earlier this week discussing the overview of how, when and where to obtain a fishing license. I talked a little about the need for a fishing license when you are fishing in a location (particularly a different state) from where you normally fish. Typically, given that we sell bass baits for largemouth bass, my comments were directed toward freshwater fishermen. However, the need for a fishing license certainly holds true for saltwater fishing as well. An article that made its rounds this week makes the point painfully clear. The article recites the story concerning the fishing crew from 2010’s Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament that hooked a massive 883-pound marlin. Not only did the crew hook the massive marlin, they were actually able to boat the beast. With a prize amount approaching one Million dollars - $910,000 to be exact - you can imagine the excitement that the crew felt. However, apparently after the marlin was boated, the crew performed a check-down of the tournament rules on the ride back to the dock. One of the rules - number 9 in the manual - states that there are two specific types of fishing licenses needed - a "special migratory species" permit and everyone aboard who participated in landing any particular fish must have a standard fishing license. First Mate Peter Wann realized that he did not have a valid fishing license. From published reports, apparently Mr. Wann was under the belief that there was a blanket license that covered all aboard. When the crew came to the conclusion that a fishing license was necessary, Mr. Wann used a laptop to purchase the license on the way back to shore. However, the tournament officials realized the timing difference and disqualified the team. That, of course, started a court case that is now before the North Carolina Supreme Court.

    You can see by this story why a fishing license is so important. You may not be in the position to win $1 million, but just knowing you are doing what is right should be its own reward. Plus, in most states, the money is used for conservation purposes, such as studying the life cycle of largemouth bass, the migration patterns of trout and the weight and production of bluefin tuna and marlin.

    Stay tuned to our blog as we weekly talk about the requirements of each obtaining a fishing license in each of the different states. As a precursor, here's a video we had created for determining if a freshwater fishing license is needed in Florida:

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  • How to obtain a fishing license

    Posted on January 7, 2013 by admin

    We have received a lot of emails from largemouth bass (among other) fishermen who didn't know how, when or where to obtain a fishing license. Depending on the state, it can be rather confusing as to who is required to have a license, when a license is required and how to obtain a license if one is indeed necessary. The issue becomes more confusing when you take in consideration that a lot of bass fishermen go on vacation to different states and will need to know the requirements of the state in which they are fishing. Some of the good news is that most states have similar rules to one another. The bad news is that most states require a fishing license even if you are not a resident of the state in which you are fishing. For example, if you are fishing in Florida, here's the rule on if a fishing license is required:

    A fishing license is required to attempt to take fish. If you cast your line, catch nothing, catch and release, or catch and keep and you are not in a specifically exempt group; you need a license.

    For example, a lot of states allow for exemptions for those who are younger then 16 years of age. This is good for the industry since it's great to introduce young people to the industry when they are young and it allows them to fall in love with fishing, as we all have. We, as an industry and as a government, should encourage young people to fish without worry about the requirement of obtaining a fishing license or being 'outside' the law.

    Another age exemption that you will typically find in most states is for those who are older then 65 years of age. This is also an exemption that I think we can all find as acceptable. Most older persons have the time to go fishing and they should be honored for all that they have done to build our society. With the two exemptions mentioned, we are encouraging grandparents to take grandchildren fishing.

    Therefore, based on this statement, unless you fall in a vary narrow list of exempt groups, you will need a fishing license. Upon reviewing most other states' requirements, they are all rather similar. Typically, a fishing license -even a temporary one- is required even to attempt to take fish.

    As you can imagine, this is a very difficult issue that has a lot of different requirements and requirements. In an attempt to help unravel the requirements and help. we have created a couple of videos. Even though the videos are more for amusement then hard facts, it is meant to start a conversation as to what the requirements are. If we find enough confusion about what the requirements really are, we will create specific videos for each state. To view our videos, visit our Youtube page or see the video direct here: .

    Regardless if we make videos, we are starting 2013 with the idea to blog extensively this year about who, how and the when of obtaining fishing license and largemouth bass fishing. Stay tuned!

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  • Tropical Storm Beryl doesn't make for great bass fishing

    Posted on May 30, 2012 by admin

    Tropical storm Beryl came into north Florida and left a mess in his wake. Even though the winds were nominal, he dropped  a significant amount of rainfall in a relatively short period of time. Since he entered Florida from the east, the surge that he created caused the northernly flowing St. Johns River to significantly back up and in some places, overflow her banks. This has also created backflow problems with all of the feeder streams and outlets. Needless to say, not much bass fishing has been accomplished in the past couple of days. Since we were almost in drought conditions, the rainfall should disapate rather quickly allowing us to get back to what we do best, testing - and using- our bass fishing lures.

    Not great bass fishing on the St. Johns

    Dock destroyed by TS Beryl

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  • Wolfson Children's Hospital Bass Tournament Held in The Bass Capital of the World

    Posted on May 24, 2012 by admin

    The 23rd Annual Wolfson Children's Hospital Bass Tournament was held right here in the Bass Capital of the World. It was absolutely beautiful weather for a fishing tournament. The sky was bright but low humidity and a cool breeze made for excellent fishing. With a first place prize of $10,000, there was enough incentive for some of the best fishermen in the country. 922 fishermen - consisting of 461 boats - left the Palatka City Dock at first light. The docks were packed at the end of the day as the fishermen arrived for weigh-in. When all of the fish had been weighed, Zach Crabtree and Sam Grant walked away with the first prize money. Ironically, this was the first bass fishing tournament that the pair had fished. In the end, the difference was a mere 2.56 ounces. Their total limit weighed 23.97 pounds. The second place couple of Trevor Fitzgerald and Danny Thompson brought in a total weight of 23.81 pounds to win the $4,000 prize money.

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  • Alabama Rig the Newest Bass Fishing Lure - worth it?

    Posted on May 17, 2012 by admin

    One of the newest -and most unique- bass fishing lures to hit the scene recently is the Alabama rig.  For those who are unfamiliar to this lure, it is simply a lure with a series of wires that protrude from the rear of the primary lure head. Each of the wire ends has a loop. Typically, a swivel is attached to the loop. On each of the swivels, another lure is attached. So, when completely rigged, you have the primary head and then a at the end of each wire you have a series of secondary lures. The intent of this rig is to imitate a school of fish as they swim through the water.

    Now that we've discussed what the Alabama rig is, how well does it work? Well, depending on to whom you speak, it either works great or works okay. The manufacturer claims that the rig has won a couple of tournaments. This does lend some credibility to the rig. However, a lot of bass fishing lure manufacturers make rather strong claims about their lures. One of the best ways to determine its effectiveness is to speak to some of the fishermen who have used it.

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  • We now secure our cart

    Posted on May 13, 2012 by admin

    Like a smart fisherman guarding his prime spot, we now secure our cart with 128 bit SSL Certificate from renowned sercurity company Comodo Security Services. This action was in no way associated with a breach of any data that has been entered on our website.  Rather, this is to ensure any data that is entered as you create an account (physical/mailing address, email address, phone number(s), etc.) is secure from prying eyes.

    Just to be clear, we have never collected any credit card or Paypal information from our clients. All credit card data is collected on the secure servers of Most of you may have already realized, when you have completed your order and are prepared to check out, you are redirected to the servers. The payment page is branded to provide a look and feel of our site, but the data is actually entered on the site. is one of the largest credit card processors in America. Thier servers are more secure than all but a few merchants.


    The Paypal payments are obviously collected and processed by Paypal themselves. This also ensures that all critical credit card data is entered on Paypal's secure servers.

    To sum it up, when you complete your order for your favorite fishing lures on our site, the information you provide to create an account is now sercured. The payment/credit card data you enter is now -and always has been - captured and secured by and Paypal, two of the largest and most secured companies in the world.


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  • Fish the cover for the big boys!

    Posted on May 9, 2012 by admin

    As spring turns to summer, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss fishing the cover to find those big lunkers. As the heat of the day brings much warmer water temperatures, the bass tend to seek relief.  There are two ways they seek this relief: they either 1) swim to deeper water that isn't heated by the sun or they 2) seek shelter/cover. Pulling the bass from the deep is one thing, but how do you entice them from their cover? One of the easiest ways is to use one of our weedless jig bass fishing lures and through the lure among the water cover. This cover is usually made up of lily pads, eel grass, etc. Once the weedeless jig hits the water, give it a few seconds to sink. With cover, it usually takes a few extra moments for the jig to sink to the sweet spot. Begin to slowly retreive the lure in a reel - slight jerk- sink rhythm, reel - slight jerk - sink rhythm. This allows the fishing lure to stay in the sweet spot of the fish longer and provides a better opportunity to catch that trophy lunker!



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  • Spring is here and fishing has picked up!

    Posted on May 8, 2012 by admin

    It has been a rather warm winter nationally. It has certainly been warm here in the south. However, as we've discussed in previous posts, when the weather gets warm, the spring bass are spawning and looking for food. During the Shootout on the St. Johns in March, we witnessed multiple catches that exceeded 8 lbs +. All of the professionals were very complimentary of the size and number of bass that they boated.

    It's been a very busy spring for us here at Bass Capital Outfitters LLC. We've been working hard this spring to bring to market a new bass fishing lures that compliment our current line. We already have a new head style designed that will provide a more realistic look that bass won't be able to resist.

    Stay tuned!

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  • Mild Summer/Fall Makes for Great Bass Fishing!

    Posted on December 22, 2011 by admin

    It has been a very mild summer and fall throughout much of the country. According to the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) , October 2011 was the globe's 8th warmest October on record.  Here's a map from NOAA that provides a graphical representation of summer temperatures:

    But what do these mild temperatures mean for fishing? It has been proven that bass like the warm weather. As the weather cools/turns cold, the fish retreat to deeper waters. As the water warms and the sun comes out, the bass become more active and will feed in a more predictable pattern. The activity and cyclical nature of fish during periods of warm weather is really no mystery. Bass spawn in the spring as temperatures warm. Therefore, as the weather warms, the fish become more active in anticipation of the stress of spawning.

    Even though the warmer fall weather means a boom for fishing this fall/winter, long term the extreme weather swings can have a detrimental effect on the health of the bass. Like humans, bass are susceptible to weather stresses. The extreme weather stresses cause the fish to get out of cycle, thus creating conditions whereby the bass my spawn too soon or increasing the probability for a 'fish kill', thus stressing the species. A good example is when there is an extended period of warm weather in the winter that 'tricks' a tree to bloom. That one bloom in the winter wouldn't have a detrimental effect on the tree, but if that pattern were to repeat itself for multiple years, it certainly would have an impact on the species of tree.

    Setting aside the science of the warmer fall, it really is a good time to get out and do some bass fishing. From all reports that we've received, the fish are still active and are biting. Therefore, grab your best Furry Fish Bait bass fishing lure and get out there and catch yourself some lunkers!



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