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About Furry Fish Baits

Back in 1999 I was sitting at my fly tying bench working hard on my trout patterns (Live in Florida) when a thought occurred to me, “I need to design a freshwater fishing lure for Bass and other species out of some type of hair fly tying material”. I grew up in Florida where my fishing addiction was developed for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike and panfish in Florida and Georgia. As I pondered materials to use, rabbit hair became the obvious choice for several reasons, but primarily because of its unique pulsating and undulating action underwater. I knew there wasn’t a fish alive that could resist the life-like action of rabbit hair.

So, I began experimenting with various jig designs. I tied several dozen rabbit hair jigs in both standard (no weeguard) and weedless. I then loaded up the truck (wife, dog, supplies and boat) and headed for Rodman Dam to test my designs on the Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass that prowl this fine fishery. This tying and testing process continued for a couple years with various fishing lure designs including rabbit hair spinnerbaits, rabbit hair buzzbaits and soft plastic creations. After catching thousands of fish with my fishing lure creations I decided in 2001 that it was time to offer them to the public. Hence, Furry Fish Baits was born.

Why should I fish your fishing lures?

I get asked that question quite often on the phone or in person at shows. Well, my answer is this.

  • 1. Fish become conditioned to not bite lures they see all the time.
  • 2. Fish love the soft natural feel of rabbit hair. Don’t believe me, just watch the video of bass inhaling our fishing lures. They do not spit/reject them like they do with silicon or rubber skirted lures.
  • 3. Our rabbit hair lures retain scent longer and better than silicon or rubber lures. Apply scent generously to the hide side of the rabbit hair tails and claws. Scent soaks into the hide and lasts for days.
  • 4. Rabbit hair breathes, pulsates and undulates underwater unlike any other material and triggers maximum predatory attack reaction in fish.

Instructions for rabbit hair fishing lure use

  • 1. Purchase some of our fishing lures. Apply your favorite scent to the hide side of the tails and claws. We like to do this the night before and put the lures in ziplock bags for the next day. Fish can’t stand this!
  • 2. Drive to lake, river, or pond… Don’t forget your lures.
  • 3. Tie lure on line. Do not use swivels.
  • 4. Soak the rabbit hair lure of your choice in water for 3-5 minutes prior to your first cast. This will insure that the rabbit hair is thoroughly soaked promoting optimum undulating action on the 1st cast which often is the critical cast, especially in tight areas.
  • 5. Cast lures, catch fish, have fun!
  • 6. Fish your rabbit hair lures until the fish destroy them or you lose them.
  • 7. Buy more lures and repeat steps 2-8

p.s. Send us photos of yourself with the fish you catch on our lures. We will send you some more free fishing lures.